Heal My Wounds
  • Heal My Wounds




    Young author, Garett Sharp, delivers a raw take on heartbreak and mental illness in his newest collection of illustrated poetry + prose.

    In this undoubtedly emotional collection from the inside of Garett Sharp’s mind, readers are taken along on a journey filled with heartbreak, self-loathing, mental health issues, self-reflection, as well as finding the key to self-acceptance. As the author grows, he learns to acknowledge his life decisions, what it’s like to live with mental illness, how to cope with heartbreak and devastating loss, and find the strength of mending the wounds from within. Heal My Wounds is by far the largest, most impactful collection written by Garett. The poems range from sadness, rage, and pain to hopeful sources of light and finding peace.

    • Product Information

      ISBN: 978-1-71696-888-4 (Hardcover)

      ISBN: 978-1-71670-434-5 (Paperback)

      Proudly published by Steven Garett Sharp

      Printed by Lulu Press Inc.

      Publication Date: 07/28/2020

      Pages: 268

      Book Dimensions: 6(w) x 9(h)

      Age Range: 16+

    All rights reserved